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6 Healthcare Articles That Are Interesting, Informative and Drive Results

Looking for inspiration to create compelling and effective wellness content? When it comes to interesting healthcare content, these six articles nailed it. They grabbed our attention, taught us something and made it easy to take action toward a healthier lifestyle.

6 Healthcare Articles That Are Interesting Informative and Drive Results Hero

1. “5 Ways to Raise a Reader”

Any advice for helping kids get excited about reading is a good read for adults, too! The author, a mother-of-two, local Nashvillian — home of Vanderbilt University Medical Center — reminds us how special reading to a child can be, and provides ideas for creating a home library and making books a part of your family’s holiday tradition.

Takeaway Tip: Taking a human approach to education can strengthen your audience engagement, as can showing your readers that you understand their daily lives and concerns.

2. “Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep”

OhioHealth makes it easy for their sleep-deprived readers to make a daily plan in their quest for better sleep. This story offers several action items that can be done throughout the day and evening to give readers a night full of sweet dreams.

Takeaway Tip: Calls-to-action around appointment bookings add a layer of convenience to your content, and serving up related content encourages readers to dive deeper into your site.

3. “How Do I Stay Calm and Prepared During Hurricane Season?”

Ochsner Health provides useful advice for local residents, who often have to endure powerful storms throughout hurricane season. Smartly, this article provides tips on coping with the attendant stress of living in the region and provides a CTA where readers can get help for weather-related anxiety.

Takeaway Tip: By understanding your audience, you’re in a better position to offer content that’s helpful in a very specific way.

4. “10 Simple Substitutes for Healthy Eating

Thanks to its quick, no-nonsense tone, this article is easy to digest. It also drives a point of connection to Mass General Brigham’s Department of Nutrition, as well as a full library of healthy recipes. Win-win!

Takeaway Tip: Add value to your content by providing features that your audience can return to, such as recipes or quick wellness tips.

5. “A Brain Tumor Threw This Mom Off-Balance. Our Surgeons Got Her Back in the Race — with a Smile on Her Face.”

Patient stories provide an opportunity to share examples of hope and healing, and this one does the job beautifully with an attention-grabbing headline that highlights a happy ending. It also paints a clear picture of the patient’s journey — from symptoms to post-surgery recovery.

Takeaway Tip: Headlines can sharpen your message and, in this case, provide a bit of intrigue. Too often, titles are rudimentary and, frankly, a little boring. Avoid getting too clever but engage readers with something provocative.

6. “You Are Not Alone: Support Following Grief and Loss

This article offers insight into the causes of grief and tips for coping, and it links off to personal video stories so readers can hear directly from others who have experienced grief. It positions Carilion Clinic’s Center for Grief and Healing as a resource for information and support for those who need it.

Takeaway Tip: Think very specifically about your audience. Consider how they may want to engage after reading and what types of information would be most helpful to them.

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