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Our Work UT Southwestern Medical Center

A Trusted Partner for a Trusted Hospital

UT Southwestern turns to C/A to create complex, comprehensive reports on scientific breakthroughs and patient care.

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As one of the leading cancer centers in the saturated North Texas market, UT Southwestern’s (UTSW) Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center wanted a way to connect with its community and build relationships with both patients and physicians. C/A partnered with UTSW on the launch of a consumer-facing magazine called The Vanguard, which highlighted patient success stories, explored breakthroughs in cancer care and provided helpful health information informed by expert physicians.

As priorities shifted, UTSW tapped C/A once again, this time to reach an audience of peer oncologists through the launch of Cancer Answers @ Simmons — a biannual publication that showcases the groundbreaking research and clinical innovations happening at Simmons Cancer Center. With C/A’s ongoing support, this publication features custom illustrations and specialized content to fully engage its physician audience.

In addition to these major healthcare publications, C/A manages myriad projects for UTSW, ranging from blog content creation and social media campaigns to service-line-specific annual reports.

Browse Cancer Answers @ Simmons.

Printed Reports that Break Through the Clutter

To support reputational awareness and recruitment efforts, UTSW partners with C/A to create complex reports for key milestones and strategic service line priorities. C/A leverages our extensive network of science writers to create content that communicates UTSW experts’ groundbreaking scientific advancements and their impact on patient care. These reports are mailed to doctors at peer institutions as a crucial way to break through the digital clutter during U.S. News & World Report voting periods.

Content that Informs and Inspires

The content we create for Cancer Answers is full of scientific detail to help UTSW’s audience of peer oncologists stay abreast of the latest research and clinical innovations — while building UTSW’s reputation and inspiring referrals and partnerships.

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Let’s chat about a strategy that meets your needs.