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Why Seasonal Content Matters in Travel Marketing

Travelers aren’t looking for the same experience in June as they are in January — here’s how to tailor your content to reflect the ways people plan.

Photo of a pier on a lake during fall.

1. Seasonal content can answer visitors’ FAQs

Your seasonal content should serve as a resource for the questions your visitors are asking. Identify common search terms related to your destination and use those as a jumping-off point for story ideas. If your destination doesn’t have a particularly strong seasonal tie, create one — think festival season in Austin, Texas, or spring training baseball in Phoenix.

Example: Napa Valley’s cabernet season is an excellent example of a destination promoting a one-of-a-kind “season” that highlights its unique qualities.

2. Seasonal inspires travelers to rethink tried-and-true destinations

Create articles that highlight the lesser-known perks of visiting during different times of the year. If winter’s your peak season but you struggle to draw a crowd in the summer, offer content that reimagines your off-season.

Example: From Portland, Maine to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this piece from Conde Nast Traveler highlights the best of the summer-to-fall shoulder season, and encourages readers to revisit well-loved destinations at different times.

3. Seasonal content highlights your region’s travel-worthy events

Is your destination home to seasonal events that draw a crowd? Create content around them that helps travelers plan their event-based trip.

Example: This AFAR roundup could be easily re-created for any locale that has a bustling summer festival scene.

4. Seasonal content can inspire winter wonderland wanderlust

Tap into your traveler’s dreaming-of-a-white-Christmas moments by promoting the unique holiday- and family-centric events that your destination hosts during the holiday season. Positioning your city as a dreamy winter escape can help draw travelers during this peak season.

Example: Vienna’s Christmas markets make it a perfect destination for a holiday getaway, as illustrated by this piece from The Ritz-Carlton.

5. Seasonal content lets you showcase the best of your region

Make the most of your peak-season travelers by providing content that encourages them to do more and discover new things. Detailed itineraries that focus on a particular season can make planning a trip easier and less overwhelming for your visitors.

Example: Conde Nast Traveler’s Perfect Weekend series provides what feels like a local’s guide to different destinations, often with a seasonal slant.

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