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4 Industries Healthcare Marketers Could Learn From

From meal-prep companies to financial services, here are a few content marketing takeaways from unexpected industries.

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When it comes to marketing, it’s always nice to think of fresh ideas. But there’s a reason certain tactics are considered “tried and true” — if it’s worked for someone else, chances are, it might work for you too.

Now, we’re not advocating for the “copy/paste” method, either. That rarely goes according to plan. But it doesn’t hurt to draw a little inspiration from campaigns or concepts that proved successful. And to mix it up even further, you can really get the creative juices flowing if you look outside your own industry. For example, loyalty programs were popular in the hotel industry way before Starbucks came out with its rewards app.

But what does that mean for healthcare? Sure, there are strict regulations and nuances to consider — but don’t let that stop you from thinking outside the box. For every 10 crazy ideas, there just might be a few brilliant ones that stick around.

Here are four industries to consider when thinking about your next marketing effort:

1. Financial Services

The finance industry, much like healthcare, can be complicated. This is an industry that can very quickly succumb to complicated fine print and (at least for the average customer) scary disclaimers. But that hasn’t stopped many financial institutions from focusing on ease and simplicity. From easy-to-complete forms to straightforward calls-to-action, many finance companies are doing their best to get customers the content they need as quickly as possible, without any fuss.

Consider: Figure out what your audience needs most, and create a clean, simple path to get there.

2. Meal-Prep Companies

Yeah, meal-prep companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh provide a product (ingredients, product, etc.). But they are also providing content. And what’s great about this content — it’s essentially reusable. Whether it’s a grilled salmon and couscous recipe or an info card on the health benefits of kale, these companies are offering customers valuable content they can revisit time and again, even if they cancel or alter their subscription.

Consider: What content can you offer audiences that provides ongoing, evergreen value?

3. Travel

The most important thing in the travel industry? Customer service. All it takes is a glance at the news to see how poor customer service experiences can tank a brand’s perception online. Whether it’s a hotel, a car rental or an airline, quality customer service is the cornerstone of success. And if it’s not truly authentic (and consumers can tell these days), your customers have all the tools they need to bring you down — an Internet connection and a smartphone. But give them the attention and care they crave, and they’ll be just as quick to be your biggest advocate.

Consider: What are some simple ways you can improve customer service? Shorter response times to email and/or social media? Follow-up phone calls? Implementing user-friendly customer service surveys?

4. Streaming Media

Whether it’s Spotify for music or Netflix for movies and TV, the streaming media industry has one thing nailed: personalized recommendations. Spotify uses your listening history to curate unique “Discover Weekly” and even “Daily Mix” playlists, just for you. And Netflix is always serving up the latest in TV and movie viewing based on your viewing history, reviews and more.

Consider: How can you create a personalized content experience for your customers? A curated email newsletter of relevant topics? Targeted social media advertising?

As you plan your next marketing initiative, think the unexpected marketing efforts that have made an impact on you, even if (and especially if) they’re not in the healthcare industry. And we can help. Send us a note to start thinking outside of the healthcare box. We think you’ll like the results.

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