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Our Work Arizona Office of Tourism

Using Data to Identify Content Opportunities

After we performed a comprehensive audit, Arizona Office of Tourism gained a steadier foundation for new content — and found evergreen pieces worth polishing.

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Before creating a new website for, the Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT) wanted to have the groundwork in place to create more strategic content going forward.

In an effort to help AOT improve searchability, increase traffic and build engagement — getting the right content to the right people at the right time — C/A performed a traffic analysis, competitive analysis and content audit of the existing site. We combed through nearly 700 pages, assessing what was working and what could use some improvement, and made specific recommendations for content migration and creation for the new site.

The team took a three-lens approach to these recommendations, analyzing SEO value, user experience and quality of content. We sought to fully understand the value of these three factors and use that information to guide our recommendations regarding improvements and opportunities.

Repackaging Pages to Tell a Deeper Story

Through our content audit, we uncovered countless listings pages specific to places throughout Arizona. These included cities, parks, monuments and tribal lands. While these pages needed to include the expected details (hours of operation, location and phone number, etc.), they weren’t doing much to inspire travelers to visit.

C/A is currently in the process of repackaging more than 120 “places” pages to add storytelling elements to each page. With this injection of refreshed content, SEO and on-site engagement will continue to improve, increasing visitor time-on-page and return visits, as well as help solidify AOT as the Arizona travel-planning resource.

Keeping Content Healthy with Search Engine Optimization

We want to be as visible as possible to those actively searching for travel information for a visit to our home state. Continued search engine optimization helps increase opportunities for content to be seen and attract more organic traffic over time. And, through quarterly audits, C/A continues to uncover areas that can impact organic search ranking, offering specific solutions to resolve any barriers. This SEO work ensures the content we continue to update and keep relevant is searchable and viewable.

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Rethinking Email with Users in Mind

When AOT partnered with C/A on its monthly tourism newsletter, we started by redesigning the existing template to enhance user engagement. The new template includes interchangeable components to allow for various content presentations, keeping the experience fresh and slightly different each month.

When it comes to the content, our quarterly plan identifies key messages that are both seasonally relevant and spread community promotion throughout the state.

From Our Client

“Can I tell you how much content I review? I put off reviews because it is so much work. But your content … you guys are great. You get the tone. You get the voice. Thank you!”

– Jamie Daer, Director of Advertising

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Let’s chat about a strategy that meets your needs.