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Our Work Brand USA

Using Content to Inspire Niche International Travel Audiences

For each of the segmented itineraries we created for Brand USA, understanding what their diverse audiences want and need in a trip to America was at the heart of our efforts.

Brand USA

The only thing more diverse than these United States are the myriad international travelers who cross our borders and tour our wonders each year. With so many experiences and destinations to choose from, creating content to help these visitors plan a trip may seem overwhelming. What’s important to them when planning a trip? What are their goals and aspirations in a U.S.-based travel adventure? What questions do they have?

As seasoned travel content creators, we know by focusing on the unique needs of an audience, the content will follow suit. When tasked by Brand USA — the destination marketing organization for the U.S. abroad — to create itineraries that would appeal to the Indian market as well as a handful of posts intended for foreign travelers attending WorldPride, we allowed our audience research to form the backbone, and then drew on our travel savvy to deliver hard-to-resist dreaming moments geared at inspiring action.

Appealing to the International Traveler

There’s no one right way to experience the U.S., but these itineraries, made for either an Indian (1-2) or Pride (3) audience, seek to present a curated experience uniquely tailored to their respective visitors.

One Post. Several Languages. Many Countries.

Knowing that a single itinerary would be translated and posted to several of Brand USA’s sites —, as well as the .in,, .se and .au versions — we made sure that all copy was free of American slang, regional vernacular and U.S. measurements. Copy not only needed to be inspiring and informative, but also accessible to each foreign audience that would be clicking — and that’s what we delivered.

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Let’s chat about a strategy that meets your needs.