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Our Work The Ritz-Carlton

Inspiring Luxury Travel through Experiential Content

Through immersive content, The Ritz-Carlton positions itself as an arbiter of luxury travel and style.

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The Ritz-Carlton name is synonymous with luxury travel and builds its reputation on the indelible moments it creates for guests. Enticing guests with experiential content is a key part of the brand’s outreach.

C/A has served as a partner for The Ritz-Carlton for eight years, spearheading editorial strategy and content creation for the brand’s content hub, The Journey, and informing the flow of content across its various distribution channels, including its hard-working (and beautiful!) new site.

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$364,000 Direct revenue/bookings in first 4 months
$1 million Projected annual revenue/bookings
$12.5 million Revenue participating in the first 4 months
$37 million Projected revenue for participation

Content Strategy

From traditional travel magazines to user-generated sites and influencer profiles, there is certainly no shortage of travel content available to the luxury traveler — and the way people plan travel today is far from linear. Our content strategy positioned The Ritz-Carlton as an arbiter of experiential travel and a fast-paced publisher of timely, relevant and helpful content via its content hub, The Journey. By following a cohesive content strategy that enables content from social media, The Journey and to work together, The Ritz-Carlton effectively engages and guides customers from the inspiration stage to the planning stage, ultimately driving conversions on the hotel website.

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Editorial Planning

With brand partnerships, regional initiatives and 108 properties worldwide, there is a lot to share about The Ritz-Carlton — and a lot of marketing channels to fuel. We partner closely with the brand and social teams to plan an editorial calendar rooted in seasonal, trend-focused stories that serve the brand’s various marketing priorities — and that put the customer’s needs first. We plot out pieces that keep email and social channels buzzing and fill the brand site with compelling, regularly refreshed content.

Content and Social Media

A great travel content site should offer more than the usual roundup of must-see attractions and restaurant recommendations. To create content that converts, C/A taps top travel writers fluent in rich storytelling to share unique travel experiences, giving readers insight into what makes a particular destination a must-visit — and why a Ritz-Carlton property is the place to make the most of it all. All content leads with captivating, social media-friendly imagery and video that allows readers to imagine themselves in these breathtaking destinations.