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The Next Healthcare Marketing Opportunity: Targeting the Out-of-Pocket Patient

Discover how content can help healthcare marketers reach the growing high-deductible health plan users.

Photo of a doctor talking to a patient

Many of today’s healthcare consumers are considering more than just what’s close to home – they’re weighing the financial investment, too.

With the increasing popularity of high deductible health plans, more people are paying for care out of their own pockets for longer. What’s more, HDHPs are typically accompanied by health savings accounts, and any unused dollars there can go toward retirement down the road.

In other words, for these folks, the healthcare spending stakes are higher. Out-of-pocket consumers are looking for a reliable partner in their care … even before they’re paying for it.

Here’s how you can use content to strengthen your engagement with these cost-conscious patients:

  • Show off your value using a variety of content types.
    Your audience wants to know whether your services are worth the cost. Consider what makes your organization stand out (The technology? The people?). Then, bring it to life through empowering stories of patients — whether in video or in writing — who themselves have found the true value in your services and the relationships they’ve built with your staff.
  • Give them the (credible) info they’re already searching for.
    Those enrolled in HDHPs want help deciding whether or not to see a doctor, or even which doctor to see. They’re also more inclined to rely on self-care in order to avoid seeing the doctor at all. They’re already pursuing wellness information on their own, and here’s your chance to support them. Develop a searchable content hub complete with credible wellness insight from your staff that quiets the noise from an oversaturation of generic information online.
  • Humanize your staff — and make it easy to reach them.
    Your staff’s expertise doesn’t have to shine through credentials alone. Invite physicians to contribute to content development by sharing their own healthcare journeys or experiences in a consumer-friendly way. Ditch the jargon and use everyday language that resonates with your current and potential patients. Someone who is carefully researching where to seek care may be more inclined to book an appointment if they feel a connection before even stepping through the door. Remember to include a link that makes it easy to schedule that appointment online.
  • Bring it full circle, from prevention to maintenance.
    When targeting the HDHP audience, emphasize your organization’s commitment to a continuum of care. Draft articles based on testimonials from patients with chronic conditions who have been cared for by a variety of staff within your organization. Softly reinforce the peace of mind that if your reader does need more care than anticipated, their journey with you will be streamlined and less stressful.

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